So, i’ve decided to give Fringe another go .. S4

Fringe is what I consider to be ‘B’ TV

It’s ok for wiling away an hour (or part thereof) but the premise, or execution of the premise never really grabbed me. Once the parallel universe mystery was solved, it always seemed like it was trying very hard to create and sustain an interesting mythology – and it only did this reasonably well. It did however have some pros that can’t be overlooked.

1: Joshua Jackson. I loved him in Cruel Intentions, I was amazed to see that he could carry off the role & he was part of the reason I tuned in to Fringe in the first place. I stand by that decision as he is excellent as Peter Bishop & almost single-handedly holds this show together.

2: John Noble. Walter Bishop (both original Walter and Walternate) are wonderful characters that Noble plays extremely well. Walter in particular could be in danger of becoming a caricature but Noble manages to give him depth and sympathy.

3: Seth Gabel. Just damn cute.

4: Zeppelins: Too cool.

Given that when I am in ‘retreat’ mode I am usually able to watch anything half-way decent, I took it as a sign when, by the start of S4 of Fringe I cared to the amount of zero what happened to these characters and so, I stopped watching. But now, I have watched and re-watched every single ‘A’ list TV show there is (it’s been over 4 months of non-stop viewing) so I decided to give S4 another shot.

So far, I am pleasantly surprised.

I am really enjoying Peter’s quest to get back to his original timeline where Walter and Olivia love him and he is remembered – not sure how this will play out as obviously we need him in our time/universe. I have just finished episode 8 and Walternate has disclosed to Peter that he is not responsible for the murderous shape shifters being sent through – so, who is? The Colonel from the alternate universe is implicated – interesting.   I find myself preferring the ballsy fauxlivia as well – anyone else find ‘our’ Olivia a big drag?

Given the speed at which I am currently viewing I expect to be up to date by the end of the weekend. I’ll give a season overview before heading to season 5, but overall, it’s good to be back.

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