American Horror Story S1: Don’t make me kill you again . .

It’s creepy, spooky, scary, violent, sexy, bloody and disturbing – what’s not to love?

American Horror Story could have gone horribly wrong. For a start, they made some suspect casting decisions – I mean Dylan McDermott? Come on! McDermott plays dad and the mother from Friday Night Lights plays the er .. mother and to be honest,  I think they could have done better with her as well.

The rest of the cast is pretty good, especially Jessica Lange who plays the whole season like a gentile southern belle, albeit a highly disturbed, sociopathic, murdering, chain-smoking southern belle but hey – is there any other kind? Built-in maid Moira is also well-played (on both counts) by Frances Conroy and  Alexandra Breckenridge respectively (if you haven’t seen AHS then don’t ask, it’ll ruin things, if you have then you know what I am talking about).

The creepy and sexy maid Moira

The basic premise is an oldie but a goodie . .

Cute young (but obviously dysfunctional) family moves into amazing old house that is going “for a song” in order to get past husband’s recent transgression and reconnect as a family but creepy old house has a few extras that weren’t on the realtor’s brochure. Usually this would be a film and the family would encounter, fight and ultimately defeat the house, but this isn’t a film and the house has more than enough secrets to keep going for an entire season.

Every home needs a gimp . . .

Some episodes are better than others and some character arcs are better than others but this is show that is definitely worth a watch as long as you aren’t squeamish as it does get quite liberal with the spook factor. This is a high-end production from the cast to the setting and it looks great onscreen. The back storylines to the ghosties are interesting and the slow disintegration of the main family as their fears, desires and sins are revealed is something of a treat to watch. However, I didn’t really get very invested in the main family and found that I was quite delighted when things began to go wrong for them – maybe I am just getting cynical in my old age  maturity. I did enjoy season 1 and I will definitely keep an eye out for season 2, but I am not sure I would add it to my permanent collection.

It does get a tad creepy

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