Millennium S2

Yes, I am up to S2 already. I have watched the 22 episodes in S1 and am up to E10, S2.

There has been a significant shift in mood, tone, storyline and general feel in S2. In S1 the focus was on the banality of evil, the everyday person who committed atrocity. Frank Black’s unique para-pyschic ‘gift’ of seeing through the mind of a killer gave a supernatural element to the show but it was always tethered to the very real manifestations of human behaviour.

Then that all changed.

Season 2 is a completely different beast to season 1. For one thing, there is far less focus on Black’s family life and far more focus on The Millennium Group – who are they? where did they come from? what do they want? In S1, The Millennium Group were self-described crime consultants, ex-law enforcement who had strengths in particular areas and although the (yr 2000) Millennium was alluded as being an important, if not apocalyptic event, this narrative thread was mostly ongoing noise in the background, rather the main focus. The notion of evil was explored in S1 and S2 joins The Millennium Group and manifested evil and twists them up together – evil is coming because of the Millennium – an apocalyptic battle of biblical proportions is on the way and it is time to choose a side, however, that is not always easy because it is sometimes unclear which side is which.

Black thinks he is on the side of good

. . . but even this is questioned as the motives and methods of The Millennium Group become less clear as the season progresses. Gone are the lone serial killers from S1 and in their place are more esoteric elements and forces – every time Black tries to reach out and touch an answer, another question takes its place.

I don’t want to give too much away about the season but suffice to say that if you like a bit of super with your natural and you enjoy pondering the nature of good vs evil and the shades of grey in between then S2 Millennium might be right up your alley. Yes, it’s over 10 years old and yes, it suffers from some questionable special FX at times but it is an interesting series that rewards the DVD viewer – the series are much better viewed in sequential order than in the original TV seasons over 3 years. Overall, Millennium is an ambitious show, possibly too much so at times but it makes for interesting, if somewhat dark viewing.

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Before he was LOST, he was the ex-director of the FBI



2 thoughts on “Millennium S2

    • It was such a small show really, not many people seem to know it but obviously it found its way onto international TV! Three seasons was too short but, from memory, it got a bit weird (in a bad way) in Season 3 toward the end – I guess actually reaching the millennium in 2000 is going to affect a show based upon the millennium

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