Unspectacular Evil

“Millenium” (1996)  is a spin-off from “The X-Files”

and it shares a certain mood, feel or oeuvre if you like; it’s creepy and somewhat supernatural in origin but unlike X-Files, our hero is not running toward the light, but rather away from the darkness. Ex-FBI profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) has the ability to see into the mind of the killer he hunts. He sees the world as they see it and moreover, sees the lust in their hunt, the evil in their hearts. It’s a gift and a curse for black and his family and as we commence Season 1, we learn that Black has joined criminal justice consulting group Millennium after suffering a breakdown during his time with the FBI.

Episode 1 has a truly creepy killer, he reminds me of  Francis Dolarhide but that might just be me? The killer has an apocalypse/biblical fetish that centres around polluted blood (very 1990’s) and his perspective on the world – as seen through Black’s eyes is pretty damn chilling. While Black is busy hunting our bad guy, we hear briefly about The Millennium Group and although their origins and intentions are kept slightly hidden in the beginning, the show focuses more and more on the group itself and becomes all the more interesting for that and the underpinnings of the groups’ mythology and beliefs come as something of a surprise to Black.

Millennium is much, much darker that X-Files –

the creepy cousin if you like – and there is a sense of urgency, of impending doom that permeates the mise-en-scene almost opressively. But if the X-Files ponders whether there is indeed life on Mars, Millennium already knows the answer to its own question: Evil exists. Or, as W. H. Auden famously puts it “Evil is always unspectacular and always human. And shares our bed…and eats at our table.”

WARNING: Millennium has what is quite possibly the worst opening credits I have ever seen – stills with pithy, annoying sayings lie “who cares?” written all over them – just ignore these and don’t let them affect your judgement of the show – fast forward if at all possible. Honestly, they really are that bad.

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